See what I did there? 5 points to anyone who can name the reference. 10 points if you can name the original reference that I wasn't even thinking of. Void where prohibited.Sachin, broadcasting live from his blog Oracle Online Help, has posted a nice primer on the differences between three... [Read More]
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I'm on the clock ...

Padraig O'Sullivan has posted the latest edition of Pythian's Log Buffer, a weekly recap of Oracle blogger activity. The Pythian Group has been letting various bloggers host the Log Buffer from week-to-week. This next week (ending 6 April), I'll be hosting the Log Buffer. This also means I'll have to... [Read More]

Why Wait?

Yes I spent 10 minutes trying to come up with a clever "wait"-based title and that's all I could come up with. I even Googled for "wait" to find some inspiration.And now to tell you why "wait" ... the Oracle 10g wait interface!!!!!11 Feel my excitement. I just recently read... [Read More]
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