Padraig O'Sullivan has posted the latest edition of Pythian's Log Buffer, a weekly recap of Oracle blogger activity. The Pythian Group has been letting various bloggers host the Log Buffer from week-to-week. This next week (ending 6 April), I'll be hosting the Log Buffer. This also means I'll have to be on the lookout for MySQL, PostgreSQL and MSSQL Server content!

Hopefully I can carry the torch and keep the flame burning and whatever other metaphors one can think of.

Also, both of my readers may have noticed that I haven't posted that much this week. Alas, my duties as president of the Manitowoc Ultimate Frisbee Concern have been pulling me away from the blogging. We're organizing a tournament that we're hoping will be a success, and I've been focusing on drafting a sponsorship proposal to get funds and goodies for the players. Hopefully this thing is a hit with everyone and we rock it every year.