One of the Oracle blogs in my feed reader linked to a post by Jeremy Schneider covering Oracle's read consistency and multiversioning. Jeremy linked to an article that Tom Kyte wrote for Oracle magazine late in 2005 about the subject. Frankly it had me dazed ... and slightly frightened.

I've become so spoiled with Oracle's system of read consistency and multiversioning that nothing else comes close to making any sense. Tom doesn't name any names, but I'd like to know what DBMSes employ some of the insane logic that he describes "others" doing.

I've added Jeremy's blog to my blogroll now, and he's had some great write-ups. So he's got a better blog, appears to be younger, fitter, and much more knowledgable about Oracle than me. But I bet he doesn't have a son that makes awesome horse sounds. BEAT THAT SCHNEIDER.