Feuerstein on Error Tracing

I'm still catching up on some readme bookmarks, and find myself once again face-to-face with PL/SQL sensei Steven Feuerstein. This man has some of the best headshots I've ever seen.This time Steven is dropping some science regarding the DBMS_UTILITY.FORMAT_ERROR_BACKTRACE function, new in Oracle 10g, for better exception handling in PL/SQL.... [Read More]


Found this from Tom Kyte. The subject alone tells everyone that this dude is serious and you are lucky to even have the chance to help him: URGENT URGENT PLZ READ B4 OTHERS VERY URGENT NO TIME WASTERSThe poster uses an perfect storm of IM speak, arrogance, stupidity, and the... [Read More]
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Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices and Common Mistakes

Eddie Awad dug up some videos from Quest Software of PL/SQL-god and Borat-hater Steve Feuerstein talking about the best and worst of PL/SQL programming.The videos offer some tasty advice, including tips on writing cleaner, more modular code, and use of BULK COLLECT and FORALL to improve mass data processing performance,... [Read More]

Quick Review of Oracle on CentOS (RHEL) 5

Hampus Linden, the Swedish werewolf in London, has posted a light review of Oracle on CentOS 5, the latest release to match the new RedHat Enterprise Linux 5. CentOS is basically RHEL without the paid support, great for testing/development environments.

SQL for the Childrens

Gary "Igore" Myers, upon hearing the glad tidings of Pete Finnigan's parental status, has produced a handy (if not a bit cheeky) SQL primer for the kids. Maybe I can teach my 21-year-old brother-in-law some SQL now as well.
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