SQL for the Childrens

Gary "Igore" Myers, upon hearing the glad tidings of Pete Finnigan's parental status, has produced a handy (if not a bit cheeky) SQL primer for the kids. Maybe I can teach my 21-year-old brother-in-law some SQL now as well.
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sprintf() in PL/SQL

René Nyffenegger has hacked up a PL/SQL implementation of sprintf(). I haven't done too much in PL/SQL, but I didn't have much a problem with lpad() and rpad(). But who doesn't love good old sprintf() otherwise?

Christo on Aligning ASM Disks on Linux

As I sit here on a Sunday morning waiting for some disk issues to be resolved in my datacenter, I took the time to catch up on some pages I had marked for later reading. One was a post by Christo Kutrovsky from the Pythian Group, about aligning ASM disks... [Read More]
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Optimizing through Understanding

Early last month Jonathan Lewis put up a great web presentation called "Optimizing through Understanding." I only just got around to viewing it, and it's packed with good stuff on breaking down queries and rewriting queries to find and hint for the best query plans available.

Heart of Darkness

I had heard tales of its existence. A dark, soul-less being whose only purpose in this world was to cause pain and misery. It strikes without warning and without prejudice. By the time your eyes come upon it, it is already too late. It has but one name, and few... [Read More]