More Log Buffer Pity

The latest Log Buffer is out, and this blog gets a mention for doing little other than posting about an older Feuerstein article. Honestly, I'll gladly accept any non-negative mention of this site, so keep 'em coming!

Writing SQL Developer Reports

Much like hali, I have a preternatural dislike for Toad. There really is no valid reason for it, though, so I won't try to justify it. I just don't dig it. Equally unjustifiable is my preference for Oracle's own SQL Developer, especially now that it gives me a point-and-click interface... [Read More]

ASMM Pitfalls

Earlier this month, Jonathan Lewis revisited an earlier post of his about the problems of automatic SGA management. It was a great read, and one all too near to (and a wound so fresh in) my heart. I've yet to actually find a bug number to confirm the suggestion, other... [Read More]

Feuerstein on Error Tracing

I'm still catching up on some readme bookmarks, and find myself once again face-to-face with PL/SQL sensei Steven Feuerstein. This man has some of the best headshots I've ever seen.This time Steven is dropping some science regarding the DBMS_UTILITY.FORMAT_ERROR_BACKTRACE function, new in Oracle 10g, for better exception handling in PL/SQL.... [Read More]