Back to Basics: Joins

Eddie Awad has an excellent series on the various join syntaxes, demonstrating both in the "old" Oracle syntax as well as the standard ANSI SQL92 syntax. Now you can get your head around inner vs outer joins and all the rest!I'm going to make an effort to switch to the... [Read More]
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More Log Buffer Pity

The latest Log Buffer is out, and this blog gets a mention for doing little other than posting about an older Feuerstein article. Honestly, I'll gladly accept any non-negative mention of this site, so keep 'em coming!

Writing SQL Developer Reports

Much like hali, I have a preternatural dislike for Toad. There really is no valid reason for it, though, so I won't try to justify it. I just don't dig it. Equally unjustifiable is my preference for Oracle's own SQL Developer, especially now that it gives me a point-and-click interface... [Read More]

ASMM Pitfalls

Earlier this month, Jonathan Lewis revisited an earlier post of his about the problems of automatic SGA management. It was a great read, and one all too near to (and a wound so fresh in) my heart. I've yet to actually find a bug number to confirm the suggestion, other... [Read More]