Constraints and the CBO

In my recent research into Oracle's CBO, I had read a snippet from Jeff Moss' blog about constraints being particularly extra helpful to the CBO. Tom Kyte had two consecutive blog posts about this topic in the beginning of the year. The first applies to general purpose and OLTP databases,... [Read More]

Compound Primary Keys Must Die

It turns out that a lot of the headaches of the past few weeks at work are all due to an incredibly shitty primary key on a large warehouse table. Before I get into specifics there, I'd like to formally proclaim my allegiance to the use of surrogate keys and... [Read More]

Reverse Key Indexes

So I started reading the Oracle 10g DBA Handbook because I've deluded myself into thinking that I'll just memorize everything in there. The first chapter seemed to cover very basic stuff that even I had a grasp on, but it didn't take long for me to learn something new. 18... [Read More]

tkprof fun under the sun

I've just recently opened the pandora's box that is tkprof, as soon as I get a grasp of it, I plan to write about it in this space. Actually reading that link, along with the official documentation, will give you a pretty good idea on how to use it.Now if... [Read More]