Bind Your Variables or Die

NOTE: I'm re-pasting this from an internal wiki page I wrote up for our new developers who may not be aware of such a thing as bind variables and how they can greatly improve performance and scalability.Most know that using bind variables help greatly with performance when dealing with an... [Read More]

Functions Can Trump Indexes

It seems that I'm dense enough to simply read over the first sentence of this post (which I linked to earlier) and not bother to think what it means. Last night I read about it in the 10g DBA Handbook and it stuck, probably because they focused on it with... [Read More]

set autotrace traceonly

For those few of you out there more newb than even me, this can make a huge difference. Easy explanation of the power of AUTOTRACE in SQL*Plus, via Tom Kyte. Basically quick and easy way to get query plan and statistical data. This is usually a sign that you need... [Read More]

Constraints and the CBO

In my recent research into Oracle's CBO, I had read a snippet from Jeff Moss' blog about constraints being particularly extra helpful to the CBO. Tom Kyte had two consecutive blog posts about this topic in the beginning of the year. The first applies to general purpose and OLTP databases,... [Read More]

Compound Primary Keys Must Die

It turns out that a lot of the headaches of the past few weeks at work are all due to an incredibly shitty primary key on a large warehouse table. Before I get into specifics there, I'd like to formally proclaim my allegiance to the use of surrogate keys and... [Read More]