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[10:09] <rizzo> ok the ts_free script I have shows total bytes at 871,713,865,728[10:10] <rizzo> yeah one tablespace alone is 223gb[10:25] -->| gehdan ( has joined #oracle[10:43] <teite> rizzo: ok thats quite big ;)[10:43] <rizzo> yeah it's a pain in the ass[10:55] <gehdan> what are you guys talking about?[10:55] <gehdan> sforget... [Read More]

Bind Your Variables or Die

NOTE: I'm re-pasting this from an internal wiki page I wrote up for our new developers who may not be aware of such a thing as bind variables and how they can greatly improve performance and scalability.Most know that using bind variables help greatly with performance when dealing with an... [Read More]

Functions Can Trump Indexes

It seems that I'm dense enough to simply read over the first sentence of this post (which I linked to earlier) and not bother to think what it means. Last night I read about it in the 10g DBA Handbook and it stuck, probably because they focused on it with... [Read More]

set autotrace traceonly

For those few of you out there more newb than even me, this can make a huge difference. Easy explanation of the power of AUTOTRACE in SQL*Plus, via Tom Kyte. Basically quick and easy way to get query plan and statistical data. This is usually a sign that you need... [Read More]