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Today I was presented with this query:SELECT *FROM sid_batchWHERE(loc, from_sid, sid_bid, type, add_date, batch_no) IN(SELECT loc,from_sid,sid_bid,type,add_date,MAX(batch_no)FROM sid_batchWHERE(loc, from_sid, sid_bid, type, add_date) IN(SELECT loc, from_sid, sid_bid, type, MAX(add_date)FROM sid_batchWHERE loc = '004'AND from_sid = '60056'AND status 'I'AND type 'A'GROUP BY loc, from_sid, sid_bid, type)AND loc = '004'AND from_sid = '60056'AND status... [Read More]


[11:42] <Aleksey2> How do you say is not bigger then[11:42] <Aleksey2> AND updated_at !>= TO_DATE('12-01-2006','MM-DD-YYYY') does not work[11:43] <rizzo> uhh.[11:43] <rizzo> <[11:43] <rizzo> ?[11:43] * rizzo waits for it
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Keep Oracle Docs Handy

As I just shared in #oracle, it really helps to have a handy bookmark to the Oracle documentation library for your release. Oracle really does a good job with its documentation and making it easily available and searchable.

today in #oracle

[10:09] <rizzo> ok the ts_free script I have shows total bytes at 871,713,865,728[10:10] <rizzo> yeah one tablespace alone is 223gb[10:25] -->| gehdan ( has joined #oracle[10:43] <teite> rizzo: ok thats quite big ;)[10:43] <rizzo> yeah it's a pain in the ass[10:55] <gehdan> what are you guys talking about?[10:55] <gehdan> sforget... [Read More]