There is never, NEVER, N E V E R a reason to store passwords as clear text in a database. No matter how convenient it is for your own personal preference.Any aspiring application developers reading this: NEVER. Salt-n-hash is such an easy thing to do in most any language now,... [Read More]

Java5 Formatting Goodness

Back when I was researching how to format strings in java, I was dismayed that there wasn't built-in sprintf() functionality. There was a non-standard class written by some folks at Sun called PrintfFormat. Still, not the same.Yesterday I was reminded that such a thing was supposed to have been implemented... [Read More]
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Monitor RMAN I/O

Yesterday in #oracle, hali pointed out the existance of the v$rman_backup_job_details view, and has since written a nice example post about using it to monitor the I/O done by every RMAN job you've done.
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Analytics FTW

Today I was presented with this query:SELECT *FROM sid_batchWHERE(loc, from_sid, sid_bid, type, add_date, batch_no) IN(SELECT loc,from_sid,sid_bid,type,add_date,MAX(batch_no)FROM sid_batchWHERE(loc, from_sid, sid_bid, type, add_date) IN(SELECT loc, from_sid, sid_bid, type, MAX(add_date)FROM sid_batchWHERE loc = '004'AND from_sid = '60056'AND status 'I'AND type 'A'GROUP BY loc, from_sid, sid_bid, type)AND loc = '004'AND from_sid = '60056'AND status... [Read More]