Track yer block changes

If you're using RMAN to take your backups, and are running Oracle 10g, do yourself a favor and enable block change tracking now. Prior to doing so, my level 1 incremental backups were scanning my entire database (~830 GB) and took over 5 hours. With BCT, level 1 incremental backups... [Read More]

selecting count(1) vs count(*)

Count me among the many who naively assumed that using count(1) instead of count(*) was somehow faster or less resource-intensive when counting the number records in a select query. Herod over at Yet Another Oracle DBA provides some more evidence on top of Tom Kyte's previous smackdown.
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There is never, NEVER, N E V E R a reason to store passwords as clear text in a database. No matter how convenient it is for your own personal preference.Any aspiring application developers reading this: NEVER. Salt-n-hash is such an easy thing to do in most any language now,... [Read More]