Honorable Mention

I had to do a triple-take when I actually saw my name in print in the latest Pythian LogBuffer post. Then I had to re-read again to see if it was positive or negative. It was just for my post linking to the SQL implementations page, but still fun.I was... [Read More]
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ASSM IS EVIL!!!!!!11

OK not really, but HJR wants you to take caution before assuming that ASSM is the second coming. You probably don't want to use it in your direct-path/append-insert bulk loaded warehouse environment.I'm running a hybrid on 10gR2, and hope to fully use ASM when we migrate to the new 64-bit... [Read More]
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Comparison of different SQL implementations

Another gem found off of the oracle-l list is this page, which offers a nice breakdown of the differences between the various RDBMS implementations (Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, etc.) in terms of their SQL implementations.
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The Four Options of the SHUTDOWN

One thing that's always good to know is that there are actually 4 different options to the Oracle SHUTDOWN command. They are:NORMALTRANSACTIONALIMMEDIATEABORTNow allow me to cover the differences.NORMALThis is the default option for the SHUTDOWN command. Once a SHUTDOWN NORMAL is issued, no new user connections will be allowed. However,... [Read More]