lnnvl() ftw

Courtesy of Jonathan Lewis, I present you with LNNVL(). For those of you who forget to consider the possibility of NULL values in your query predicates, this could be a godsend. Should clean up a lot of predicates that had to use OR cases just to separately check for NULLs.As... [Read More]
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Data and Datatypes

Somehow while reading through some Oracle blogs this weekend, I found myself re-reading a post from Tom Kyte last year about mis-used datatypes. Such things as people using string datatypes to hold date values, or people using VARCHAR2(4000) for every field in every table. Tom does a fantastic job (as... [Read More]

Role Showdown: CONNECT vs RESOURCE

Today in #oracle, a question on privileges led me to discuss the Oracle roles CONNECT and RESOURCE. These two roles are often misused, especially RESOURCE. Jon Emmons highlights this in an old blog post. Important to note is that the CONNECT role contained a lot of dangerous extras up until... [Read More]
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What is so special about SYSDBA?

Last night in #oracle, someone new to Oracle had some confusion with the SYSDBA privilege. I proceeded to drop some science on him, but here's a basic primer:Only a user with the SYSDBA privilege can startup or shutdown an instance.The oracle OS user can "connect / as sysdba" without providing... [Read More]
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