Oracle Parallel Basics with Doug Burns

Doug Burns has a great video presentation up at the Pythian blog, in which he gives a great explanation of the basics of Oracle's parallel execution feature.It's a great video and it got my head straight on a lot of things (and just created more work for objects that I... [Read More]

For Great Justice!

This brought a wry smile to my face. Although Ujang is royally screwed, Mladen still had the presence of mind to set him up the bomb.I hope you know what I'm talking about.

lnnvl() ftw

Courtesy of Jonathan Lewis, I present you with LNNVL(). For those of you who forget to consider the possibility of NULL values in your query predicates, this could be a godsend. Should clean up a lot of predicates that had to use OR cases just to separately check for NULLs.As... [Read More]
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