Things You Know: Tom Kyte is Under Siege

A couple of weeks ago I "attended" a webcast from IOUG by Tom Kyte entitled "Things You Know". You can find the presentation materials online (you might need these codecs). It was a great session with Tom focusing on the dangers of what people think they know to be true... [Read More]

Log Buffer #39: The April Fool

Hullo and welcome to this week's edition of the Log Buffer! A very special thanks to Dave Edwards at Pythian for this opportunity. Now let's begin ...The man, the myth, the legend Tom Kyte shared some insight into a new SQL feature under consideration for Oracle: pattern matching over partitioned,... [Read More]

200 is such a hard number to work with, after all

Will in #wilug shared this fun Microsoft bug. From the report:This problem occurs if the fully qualified domain name ( FQDN) of your computer is exactly 200 bytes long. During logon, one character more than the 200-byte allocation is written and heap corruption occurs.Of course, the suggested workaround is just... [Read More]
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In re-working some old reports that I'm still maintaining, I decided to clean up instances of "WHERE foo > bar or foo is null" with some LNNVL() loving. Given the nature of my query and of LNNVL(), I plugged in LNNVL(foo > bar) and prefaced it with a NOT, since... [Read More]
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