Heart of Darkness

I had heard tales of its existence. A dark, soul-less being whose only purpose in this world was to cause pain and misery. It strikes without warning and without prejudice. By the time your eyes come upon it, it is already too late. It has but one name, and few... [Read More]

Caveats for renaming a server running ASM

I have a small tower running Oracle on CentOS4 under my desk that I use as a personal sandbox for playing with Oracle so I'm not always futzing with developer instances. This was where I first played with ASM, etc. However, I rarely actually use this machine from day-to-day.Recently,... [Read More]
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Things You Know: Tom Kyte is Under Siege

A couple of weeks ago I "attended" a webcast from IOUG by Tom Kyte entitled "Things You Know". You can find the presentation materials online (you might need these codecs). It was a great session with Tom focusing on the dangers of what people think they know to be true... [Read More]

Log Buffer #39: The April Fool

Hullo and welcome to this week's edition of the Log Buffer! A very special thanks to Dave Edwards at Pythian for this opportunity. Now let's begin ...The man, the myth, the legend Tom Kyte shared some insight into a new SQL feature under consideration for Oracle: pattern matching over partitioned,... [Read More]

200 is such a hard number to work with, after all

Will in #wilug shared this fun Microsoft bug. From the report:This problem occurs if the fully qualified domain name ( FQDN) of your computer is exactly 200 bytes long. During logon, one character more than the 200-byte allocation is written and heap corruption occurs.Of course, the suggested workaround is just... [Read More]
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