ASMM, we hardly knew ye.

Yesterday I finally busted a cap in ASMM's proverbial ass, setting sga_target back to 0 and manually configuring the various SGA member pool sizes. After my first problems with ASMM, I began reading more and more about "immaturities" with ASMM which I hadn't come across before, particularly with rapid-fire SGA... [Read More]

Wherefore art thou, Development DBA?

Highlander Doug Burns wrote a great piece last month entitled "What use is a Development DBA?" that really hits home for me. I have a lot of minor and not-so-minor conflicts with the developers on my team (read about "the compound keys" for some perspective).As Doug says, a lot of... [Read More]

I'm kind of a bigger deal around here now

Eddie Awad recently posted about some new Technorati "Authority" rankings for blogs included in his Oracle blog news aggregator, OraNA. Well I gave Eddie the sad puppy-dog-eyes and he graciously has added this blog to the collective.Now I just need some suckers to add me to their favorites ... [Read More]

Hiding "Permission denied" errors with `find`

Jon Emmons over at Life After Coffee, a blog of linux tips and tricks, has posted some tips for the "find" command. Nothing new for myself, although his tip of redirecting STDERR to /dev/null to avoid having my terminal polluted with "Permission denied" errors is something that brightened my day,... [Read More]
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