Wherefore art thou, Development DBA?

Highlander Doug Burns wrote a great piece last month entitled "What use is a Development DBA?" that really hits home for me. I have a lot of minor and not-so-minor conflicts with the developers on my team (read about "the compound keys" for some perspective).As Doug says, a lot of... [Read More]

I'm kind of a bigger deal around here now

Eddie Awad recently posted about some new Technorati "Authority" rankings for blogs included in his Oracle blog news aggregator, OraNA. Well I gave Eddie the sad puppy-dog-eyes and he graciously has added this blog to the collective.Now I just need some suckers to add me to their favorites ... [Read More]

Hiding "Permission denied" errors with `find`

Jon Emmons over at Life After Coffee, a blog of linux tips and tricks, has posted some tips for the "find" command. Nothing new for myself, although his tip of redirecting STDERR to /dev/null to avoid having my terminal polluted with "Permission denied" errors is something that brightened my day,... [Read More]
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Back to Basics: Joins

Eddie Awad has an excellent series on the various join syntaxes, demonstrating both in the "old" Oracle syntax as well as the standard ANSI SQL92 syntax. Now you can get your head around inner vs outer joins and all the rest!I'm going to make an effort to switch to the... [Read More]
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