CONNECT role, we hardly knew ye.

I knew that in Oracle 10gR2, the CONNECT role had been stripped down to only provide the CREATE SESSION privilege. I did not, however, know that Oracle had officially deprecated the CONNECT role.Count me among the lazy DBAs that Andrew Clarke is referring to. :p
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TWO_TASK is actually still used.

You'll have to forgive my obtuseness. I only ever log into my Oracle servers as "oracle" and am able to login locally with$ sqlplus / as sysdbaor$ sqlplus dtsSo today I was a little scared when I couldn't do this from an OS user other than oracle. The $ORACLE_SID variable... [Read More]
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On histograms

In his paper "Using DBMS_STATS in Access Path Optimization", Wolfgang Breitling writes:Histograms are like drugs -- An overdose [of histograms] can kill [performance].I've gotten a crash course on this recently. More on that in a bit.

I'm Kind of a Big Deal Around Here

Yesterday Justin Kestelyn over at the OTN blog announced a re-org of the homepage. I was pleasantly surprised to see my own name listed among the likes of Werner Puschitz, Jonathan Lewis, Howard Rogers and my new locker buddy Laurent Schneider. Jeremy Schneider is conspicuously absent, hopefully that gets... [Read More]
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