DBWR 101

Kevin Closson has a great series started on the DBWR, and how people tend to misconfigure it (mostly by having too many DBWR processes). Catch Part I and Part II now.


I didn't want to be the only Oracle blogger who didn't observe the holy day of HOLY CRAP ORACLE 11G IS COMING!!!!!11Sarcastic excitement aside, I'm looking forward to Arup Nanda's 11g features series (with handy rss feed).
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Gathering stats for ONLY a partition

I'm sure you all know to use DBMS_STATS to gather statistics for your tables and indexes. The DBMS_STATS.GATHER_TABLE_STATS() method has as its first three parameters OWNNAME, TABNAME, and PARTNAME, specifying the schema owner name, table name, and table partition name, respectively.I had been assuming that specifying a partition name via... [Read More]