Gathering stats for ONLY a partition

I'm sure you all know to use DBMS_STATS to gather statistics for your tables and indexes. The DBMS_STATS.GATHER_TABLE_STATS() method has as its first three parameters OWNNAME, TABNAME, and PARTNAME, specifying the schema owner name, table name, and table partition name, respectively.I had been assuming that specifying a partition name via... [Read More]

CONNECT role, we hardly knew ye.

I knew that in Oracle 10gR2, the CONNECT role had been stripped down to only provide the CREATE SESSION privilege. I did not, however, know that Oracle had officially deprecated the CONNECT role.Count me among the lazy DBAs that Andrew Clarke is referring to. :p
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TWO_TASK is actually still used.

You'll have to forgive my obtuseness. I only ever log into my Oracle servers as "oracle" and am able to login locally with$ sqlplus / as sysdbaor$ sqlplus dtsSo today I was a little scared when I couldn't do this from an OS user other than oracle. The $ORACLE_SID variable... [Read More]
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On histograms

In his paper "Using DBMS_STATS in Access Path Optimization", Wolfgang Breitling writes:Histograms are like drugs -- An overdose [of histograms] can kill [performance].I've gotten a crash course on this recently. More on that in a bit.