Doug Burns wrote a great piece about how few people apply the latest patchsets and how almost no one applies the CPUs.While my databases are all, I've only just begun looking at applying CPUs starting with the October CPU (they are cumulative).We were also looking at finally upgrading to... [Read More]

python + cx_Oracle = <3

Took some time over the past two days to deliberately use python. Much fun was had by all (where all = me).My first creation used the subprocess module (although I had to install the older separate version since I'm on python 2.3) to call df over ssh and then again... [Read More]
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Following Up re HALP

Just a follow-up to this post. Turns out that the problem was caused by an aborted online relayout on some disk that housed our archive log destination. Rather than actually aborting, the relayout process was left in a "paused" state. After the sys admin cleared this state, performance went back... [Read More]
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