ALTER TABLE doesn't like synonyms

Something new I found out today. When performing an ALTER TABLE statement (in this case to add a column) in another schema for which you have a synonym (public or private), you must refer to it with the schema qualifier, e.g. HR.EMPLOYEES rather than just EMPLOYEES. It seems the DDL... [Read More]

netca and /etc/hosts

When I first re-installed my laptop with Fedora 8, I naturally set about installing Oracle 10g. However at the end of the dbca process, the launching of netca failed. Trying to run netca manually yielded this fun error:[oracle ~]$ netcaOracle Net Services Configuration:## An unexpected error has been detected by... [Read More]

Moto RAZR + Bluetooth + Linux + Python = ObexCopier

While in Schaumburg, Illinois last week for the Oracle DBA Workshop II, I was taking some photos on my Motorola RAZR camera phone, in the hopes of posting them for my 5-year-old daughter to see. I needed to clear up some misconceptions, since she was under the impression that I... [Read More]

v$sql_bind_capture Not Quite Capturing SQL Binds

A week or so ago, I was working with a developer to find out why a SQL statement he was sending would sometimes work and sometimes return an invalid DATE format error. Part of the troubleshooting led us to examine the actual bind values being received by the server, just... [Read More]