Don: 1 vs. 1Z0-043: 0

Passed the 1Z0-043 exam today, otherwise known as the OCP exam. Just need some other jazz like my hands-on course requirement form to be processed and then I should get my badge and gun and key to the executive washroom.Thanks to Bradd Piontek for reminding me of how silly it... [Read More]

ALTER TABLE doesn't like synonyms

Something new I found out today. When performing an ALTER TABLE statement (in this case to add a column) in another schema for which you have a synonym (public or private), you must refer to it with the schema qualifier, e.g. HR.EMPLOYEES rather than just EMPLOYEES. It seems the DDL... [Read More]

netca and /etc/hosts

When I first re-installed my laptop with Fedora 8, I naturally set about installing Oracle 10g. However at the end of the dbca process, the launching of netca failed. Trying to run netca manually yielded this fun error:[oracle ~]$ netcaOracle Net Services Configuration:## An unexpected error has been detected by... [Read More]

Moto RAZR + Bluetooth + Linux + Python = ObexCopier

While in Schaumburg, Illinois last week for the Oracle DBA Workshop II, I was taking some photos on my Motorola RAZR camera phone, in the hopes of posting them for my 5-year-old daughter to see. I needed to clear up some misconceptions, since she was under the impression that I... [Read More]