A Drupal Backup Script

I maintain a drupal codebase that hosts multiple sites. I’ve been shamefully lax in getting regular backups of those files and databases, until today. Here is a pretty basic bash script that will create a bzip2 archive of the drupal codebase (including site-specific dirs), and then create mysqldump exports of... [Read More]

HOWTO: Oracle Cross-Platform Migration with Minimal Downtime

Originally posted at The Pythian Group blog.I recently performed a migration from Oracle 10gR2 on Solaris to the same version on Linux, immediately followed by an upgrade to 11g. Both platforms were x86-64. Migrating to Linux also included migrating to ASM, whereas we had been using ZFS to hold the... [Read More]

Turn Off db_cache_advice To Avoid Latch Contention Bugs

Originally posted on The Pythian Group blog.A couple of weeks ago, we noticed some timeouts in some of our standard Oracle RDBMS health check scripts on a new instance. I had just migrated this instance to bigger, better, badder hardware and so it had been given more SGA to use,... [Read More]