Back to Blogger!

With the recent announcement of Google Apps for Domains integration with the rest of the Google tools suite, I've decided to further simplify my life and run this blog on Google's blogger utility. I've been considering coming back for a while, given that Wordpress doesn't let me do everything I... [Read More]

Beware the /var/tmp/.oracle Hidden Directory!

NOTE: This post originally appeared on the Pythian blog.A few months ago, we had a test instance complaining that it couldn't write to ASM. This was an single (non-RAC) instance on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5, using ASM for the storage. We first saw these errors in the alert log:ORA-15032:... [Read More]

A Drupal Backup Script

I maintain a drupal codebase that hosts multiple sites. I’ve been shamefully lax in getting regular backups of those files and databases, until today. Here is a pretty basic bash script that will create a bzip2 archive of the drupal codebase (including site-specific dirs), and then create mysqldump exports of... [Read More]