Hi. I’m Don.


I work mostly with databases, currently PostgreSQL, formerly Oracle. I do a fair amount of bash scripting to help with that, although I enjoy coding in go and python as well.

Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Badge


I devote a lot of my personal time to youth hockey, coaching and officiating. I also play more Dota2 than a grown man should.

Current personal projects involve building a RetroPie arcade and playing with home assistant stuff involving a Raspberry Pi, a Ring doorbell, and a Google Home.


I was born, raised and moved back to Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA. Wife & kids. Dog. House. The whole deal. Wisconsin alumnus (Comp Sci ‘98). Root for Badger sports (especially hockey), the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks, Everton FC & Les Canadiens de Montréal.