Note: Yes I re-(ab)used the title.

As some of you may know (if you follow me on twitter), after 16 years as an Oracle DBA, I made a career shift last summer. I hung up the Oracle spurs (and that sweet Oracle Ace vest) and threw on a pair of PostgreSQL chaps. I had always been a fan and very casual user of PostgreSQL for many years, even gently lobbying the folks at Pythian to add PostgreSQL DBA services to their offering (to no avail).

I'm taking this fresh start to also jump-start my blogging, hoping to write about interesting notes as I dive deeper in the PostgreSQL world (and even some Hadoop as I get into that). I'm just over 6 months into my new adventure and loving it. I'm excited to be dealing a lot more with an open source community, and interacting daily with some contributors via Slack.

Over the past 6 months, I've compiled a list of topics to write about. If I can remember the details or find my notes, I'll hopefully be writing regularly on these topics!

So, I hope to see more of you regularly here. Stay tuned!